Cannatha Hosting

Where you host your web site can make all the difference in the world. If your host is too slow, you will turn people away from your slow site. If your host is too expensive, you may find yourself paying more for hosting than it is worth. The more successful your site becomes, the more expensive it will become to host.

Don't over-buy services that you don't need. Many hosting companies will sell you an inordinate amount of disk space or bandwidth when you don't need it. Do away with the extra cost and only buy what you need. Cannatha hosting provides several levels of hosting packages suited for everyone from beginners to advanced web sites.

Reliability of your hosting provider is a major factor in how your needs are met. At Cannatha hosting, we have multiple redundant backup systems in place to ensure that your web site is available 24/7. From backup power supplies, to entire replicated backup servers with "hot swap" equipment, Cannatha hosting offers the insurance you need for your web real estate. Contact us today and let us help you!

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  • Web design skills 70%
  • Web development skills 80%
  • Consulting skills 90%
  • Marketing skills 85%
  • Filemaker skills 80%